IT'S ALL FOR YOU! June 07 2016

Each manicure is special– and so is every nail file we use

Your mani-pedi lasts a while, but our materials are one-use only. When you sit down to be treated at Urban Venus, we demonstrate right in front of you that you are special to us:  you’ll see your esthetician rip open a sealed package of tools just for you. While our pretty pink clippers and cuticle tools are sanitized and repackaged after each use, our buffing blocks and nail files are only ever used once.

Our girls don’t do this just to provide an individual experience. While we could reuse our files a dozen times, Urban Venus takes care to never expose our clients to dangerous pathogens. The risk is low, but we are committed to completely eliminating the risk of spreading infection. We prefer to send every guest home with their own buffing block than have anyone share! 

Our commitment to keeping it clean by individualization doesn’t stop there. Paraffin wax, used for its hydrating effects on your skin, is often used on more than one customer in less careful salons, a practice that is proven to pass bacteria from one client to another. To keep you safe, Urban Venus never reuses paraffin wax. To our team, this isn’t going above and beyond – this is simply our standard.

When you visit us, you’ll only leave feeling pampered and with tools to remember us by. We promise!