“Dancing in the Club” with Miley Cyrus April 30 2010

No, it isn’t another heading in the celebrity tabloids.  Although the young starlet does create just about as much buzz for her escapades as she does for her talent.  But, Urban Venus had the chance to meet her and get to know her – well, as much as you can get to know someone during a manicure session.  We found her to be an extremely dynamic young lady, full of drive, talent and ambition.  She also has GREAT taste in nail polish.

Miley chose the bright red shade “1:15am Dancing in the Club” for her performance of “Can’t be Tamed”.  The performance itself was outstanding and her talent spoke volumes.  We might want to start keeping an eye out for her little sister Noah, who along with their mom, Tish Cyrus, chose a deep eggplant colour called “3:14am Party Like a RockStar” (foreshadowing perhaps?).

Since the launch of the nail polish line, Urban Venus has painted the nails of Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga & Katy Perry, just to name a few.  The polishes are embraced by celebrities – and many of us lesser known divas – because they are environmentally friendly (toluene, DBP & formaldehyde free) and also because of the unique concept behind the names.  Every nail polish colour is associated with a time of the day and the woman we might be at that time.  “7:30am: In the Buff” is a sheer pink, “12:01pm: Power Lunch” is a deep red, and “3:30pm: Pick up the Kids” is a subdued, pearly pink.

We were impressed by Miley and will enjoy watching all that she becomes as her career continues.  In fact, depending on what she does she may someday be an inspiration for a nail polish colour in an upcoming season!   Stay tuned for that!