How do you spell winter “relief?”....BUTTER! July 27 2010

If you don’t see it coming, you can feel it.  Winter (...sigh).  The leaves are long gone, you can now see your breath when you venture outside, and although you tried to prolong it as long as you could, you’ve finally had to kick on the ole’ furnace.  Oh sure, winter means fantastic fall fashions (who doesn’t LOVE the fall boots this season...matched with a great pair of jeans and a sexy sweater – it really can warm your heart).  Not to mention, the holidays are around the corner and some of us can even get excited about the re-opening of the ski hills.

BUT – and this is a big BUT – in order to look and feel our best during the long, cold, dry winters we have to invest a little more time and effort into our beauty regime.

You’re worth the investment!

Urban Venus has come up with a list of essential tips and products to help avoid the dull appearance and sometimes uncomfortable tightness of winter skin.  Just like your overall health or even your car, it might seem like a bit of investment involving some time and money, but we promise it will pay off in the end.

  • Scrub away those dead skin cells with a good exfoliater. We carry a great line of scrubs that use a fine sea salt, which we’d recommend using twice a week. Customer favourites are the Urban Venus Fresh Squeezed Citrus scrub or the Pina Colada scrub...a tropical escape from the winter blahs!
  • Lay it on Thick. When it comes to moisturizing, the thicker the better to quench thirsty skin. Urban Venus Shea Butter Sticks are all natural & primarily made of cocoa butter. During the winter we don’t have the same problems with excess oil, so moisturize generously everyday!
  • Don’t forget about your pretty fingers!  If you don’t normally use a cuticle oil, winter is the time to start.  It becomes an instant hydrator for dry brittle nails, and will keep you looking freshly manicured all winter.   When pop-star Rihanna was in Canada she picked up picked one up Urban Venus’ Cuticle Oils.
  • Try a little hydrotherapy.  While you want to keep really hot baths to a minimum (resist the urge to soak for longer than 10-15minutes), you could take a little inspiration from the spas and change the temperature of your showers from hot to cold and then back again.  While it may not sound pleasant, the idea is that it will stimulate blood flow which revitalizes our skin.  Nice!
  • The Tried and Trues: Drink Water, Wear an SPF, and get a Good Night’s Sleep! Keep sliced lemons on add to add to your water. It will help reduce those nasty toxins that keep our skin from looking great.  Many of us put the SPF aside during the winter but that is a mistake. Get SPF into your daily beauty routine TODAY. As always, and above all else, another great weapon again premature aging is a good night’s sleep.  A beauty rest...its a beautiful thing.