Urban Venus Nail Bar has been in the Calgary community since 2003. Since our inception we have always practiced a philosophy of giving back to our local community by donating our time, monetary donations and/ or gift certificates. One of our favorite charities that Urban Venus Nail Bar has previously worked with is TELUS Spark, the new Science Center. 

Urban Venus organized a yearly run called The Urban Venus Deliciously Sweet Run where all of the donations raised at the event were donated to the TELUS Spark’s Community Connections Program. Through this program, TELUS Spark gives Lending Membership to vital non-profit, charitable organizations and agencies in Calgary, who most need a subsidized access option. Your previous support of the Deliciously Sweet Run will go to families who may not normally have the chance to experience TELUS Spark, the opportunity to visit numerous times throughout the year, to explore science, technology, engineering, art and math.

The Lending Pass allowed me and my four children and my husband to go to TELUS Spark for the first time. The girls begged me to go back the following day, which we gladly did.”

- Community Connections Program Participant

“Thank you for your very generous donation. I loved the science centre. (Troy thanks you from the bottom of his heart too).”- Community Connections Visitor, 2013

“Thank you so much for this opportunity. It provided a fun day out in the midst of a difficult year. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.“- Community Connections Visitor, 2013

          “I’m excited about the Lending Membership Cards as I foresee them opening doors for many of my clients.” - Elizabeth Chong, Community Outreach/Development Coordinator, Hillhurst-Sunnyside Community Association

 “Thank you so much for the great opportunity for my family to enjoy the science centre. It truly was amazing and when I asked my daughter what her favourite part was, she said, ‘everything!’ – our family thanks you.”- Community Connections Visitor, 2013

“Your help has been invaluable for the Agency and the vulnerable families we serve. So many of the families we work with love the Science Centre and would otherwise never be able to afford to attend. This helps my Program as well, since it is very satisfying to be able to help people with such a great opportunity.”

-          Chris Poirier, Recreation Partnership Coordinator, Hull Services 

“Thanks. It’s such an important program to give clients and families in need access to a valuable resource they wouldn’t otherwise have.”

-          Tina Cameron, Respite Care Connection Supervisor, Enviros Wilderness School

 For more information on the run, please go to

 There are many great causes and fundraising opportunities in our community. Therefore to help with our process we have outlined the following eligibility requirements. You are welcome to apply if you meet the two requirements listed below:

  1. The organization should be a registered charity which is eligible to issue official tax receipts for donations, or an established not-for-profit community organization
  2. The focus and basis of the organization must be on providing services to children and their families.

Once these eligibility requirements have been met please submit your proposal for a donation with the following details:

  1. The full name of your organization, including website and email address, address, telephone number and contact person's name
  2. Description of the specific event for which a donation is sought
  3. The date of the event
  4. Type of donation requested (product/gift certificates/monetary).
  5. How will your event raise the profile of Urban Venus Nail Bar in your community?

You must submit your written request at least 12 weeks prior to your event, and please allow us 8 weeks to review and respond to your inquiry. As well, if accepted, the Urban Venus logo must be prominently on the brochure & on all marketing materials as a sponsors of your event. Requests should be mailed to:

Urban Venus Nail Bar
5115 Elbow Drive S.W. Avenue SW, Calgary, AB

Thank you for thinking of Urban Venus Nail Bar for your event!

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