A Nail Polish for you, Lunch for a WEEK for them.

Posted on 01 March 2011

For some of us, spa treatments and beauty products are a guilty pleasure.  Mind you, we don’t find it too hard to justify them.  We really do deserve it.  But every once in a while, it is nice to know that we can treat ourselves and be 100% guilt free.

That’s what it is like if you purchase our Urban Venus Nail Polish in colour: “12:22pm - Volunteering at the Charity Event.” 

Urban Venus has partnered with the Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids Society (BB4CK)whose mission it is to offer hope and opportunity by providing nutritional meals to children in need throughout the Calgary School District.  BB4CK provides over 1500 lunches each school day.  When you purchase the polish, you will be providing a child’s lunch for an entire week.  That is something to feel good about.

For the first year of this annual program, the colour we chose for the brown bag program (we thought this was fitting) is a rich, bronzy brown colour.  It will be perfect for adding a dramatic touch any outfit.  Of course, while others are admiring you for your fashion sense, you can feel good about yourself knowing you’ve done something extraordinary for a child in Calgary.

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