Urban Venus Manicure • 

Includes nails trimmed, buffed, cuticle maintenance, hand massage with choice of Urban Venus lotions, & polish application.

Spa Manicure 

Upgrade to a Spa Manicure, which includes an exfoliating salt scrub, plus a super hydrating paraffin treatment.

  • Chocolate Fondue Manicure ® • Your hand will be chocolate fondued into an intense moisture treatment. This is a calorie-free treat made with real cocoa butter.
  • Garden Glam Lavender Manicure ® • English lavender makes this a popular manicure. Lavender infused oils & scrubs are used for this relaxing treatment.
  • Fresh Squeezed Citrus Manicure ® • This manicure contains a grapefruit, orange & lime infusion. A juicy paraffin treatment is applied to lock in moisture.
  • Strawberry Smoothie Manicure ® • strawberry scrubbing treatment is applied to take off dead skin cells, next comes the moisturizing paraffin treatment for added skin protection.
  • Raspberry Smoothie Manicure ® • raspberry infusion gently tones skin & a hydrating scrub is applied to remove dead cells. Finally a paraffin treatment adds extra moisturizing features to your skin.
  • Cantaloupe Smoothie Manicure ® •  juicy scented lotion makes this manicure one of our favorites!
  • Angel Food Cake Manicure ® • Decadent, creamy pure indulgence is this manicure treat
  • Paraffin Treatment $15



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